Bush Blair Iraq Letters Revealed For First Time

BAGHDAD - Iraq - The Chilcot Inquiry may take a turn for the worse as the formerly banned email exchanges between Bush and Blair have been discovered.

Tim Lasserta, a contractor for Halliburton has found the infamous Bush Blair email printouts that preceded the Iraq war in a bin somewhere. The publication of the emails could be quite contentious as they have been suppressed by the Chilcot Whitewash Inquiry.

Here are exclusive snippets of the emails:

Blair: I love you George.

Bush: Yes, I know that already..shucks..

Blair: I would do anything for you.

Bush: Will you go to war with me?

Blair: Absolutely anything.

Bush: Well, remember the briefing. Fifteen minutes to attack, WMD and that Freedom thing.

Blair: That Saddam is a very bad man, but not as bad as you Georgey.

Bush: And get rid of that stupid doctor stinking up the parlour.

Blair: Yes, of course. I can’t wait to come to Washington again, I so enjoy our walks together.

Bush: Next time don’t try to hold my hand, it’s too obvious.

Blair: No problem, and please do not forget, our companies get a share of the oil.

Bush: You Limeys will get some.

Blair: I love you George. I’m getting hard just thinking of war.

Bush: I love you too Tony. (Redacted sentence follows)