Check: Russia China Gas Deal Game Changer Seals West’s Fate

MOSCOW - Russia - Just when you thought things were getting boring with the Ukraine crisis, now it's getting more interesting

Obama’s little plan to freeze Russia out of the oil market by flooding it with cheap oil may have just backfired. Russia’s response was to simply bypass the West completely with a lucrative China gas deal.

“This winter, in what remains of the Ukraine, you better be dug in real good with a fire constantly on the go, because there won’t be any gas from Russia coming any time soon,” a Russian oil and gas contractor told RT news today.

What about Britain and the rest of Europe? Well, let’s say if you think your gas bill is high now, prepare for next winter when prices rise by 6,000%. Soon we’ll be burning wood from our bannisters to keep warm. Hope you don’t forget the imminent interest rate rises to spice things up even further.

Who’s to thank for this debacle? Well, if the US and EU hadn’t caused a coup d’état in Kiev for their own expansionist reasons, we wouldn’t be on the brink of war right now.