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American Police Cars Sure Have Come a Long Way Since the Twenties

MICHIGAN - USA - American police cars have come a long way since the early twentieth century.

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One must ask the question, what are they so afraid of that they are now doing regular police patrols in armoured vehicles fit for battlefields? The truth lies in actions, little niggling things like bulk ammunition purchases, mass surveillance and the constant anti gun rhetoric being pushed down every American’s throat on a daily basis.

The Obama administration may be delving into Stasi territory with their policy of constant surveillance of the population, but putting armoured American police cars on the streets is a sign that these controllers are fearful of their own people.

“We know people are armed, and when we criminalise people for having a gun, we’re going to come and take them from you. In our eyes you will be a terrorist, and even if you spout your amendment constitution bullshit, we’re going to tell you that it has been scrapped, the United States has no need for such libertarian edicts and false laws any more, those days are gone. We see you jay walking son, we’ll just put a few dum dums in the back of your head, see if you can jay walk after that,” Saginaw county police commander, Jerry Krueger, told Fox News.

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