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Romanian Benefits Cheat Has Benefits Restored After Learning English

READING - England - A Romanian benefits cheat has been rewarded for learning to speak English.

Djargo Romenescu, a convicted benefits cheat who swindled £200,000 of benefits last year, could not speak English when he was arrested in January.

After a two week stay in prison for his crime where he learned to speak English, he was allowed to continue receiving benefits equating to £48,000 per annum and was upgraded to a four bedroom end of terrace house in a posh part of town.

“He said he was sorry, we allowed him to keep the 200k and have reinstated his benefits in full. He speaks perfect English now, and jokes with us about his numerous bank accounts, even detailing the off shore holdings he has in Jersey,” the man’s benefits officer for Reading council told the BBC.

Convicted Romanian benefits cheat, Mr Romenescu was naturally delighted: “I love Britain, come brother come sister, they give us everything here. God bless you British mugs.”

The recent EU migrant plans to bring his extended family of 3580 to Britain in July and his generosity does not end there, he has even pledged £2.60 to flood hit residents in Somerset.

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