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Drought Warning For Britain

MANCHESTER - England - It has not rained for weeks in England and Wales and people are getting a tad desperate about the drought blighting Britain.

The Environment Agency has announced another drought warning in England and Wales the BBC confirmed today.

“We haven’t had a drop of rain for bloody ages. If this goes on all the reservoirs will dry up in Britain,” Jim Peterson, a worker for Melcham council in Surrey revealed.

There is a strict hose pipe ban in place  and households have been told to flush the loo only once a week.

Doris Huckley, 64, complained bitterly to the Sun newspaper about the bans in place.

“How ma meant to wash me ‘air? This is ridiculous, haven’t seen water for weeks. I’m praying for it to rain. Forgotten what it was like to have a bath. Me lawn’s all dry, and I’ve been in the same clothes for weeks. Rain, rain where are you?”

Hopefully it will rain soon, but otherwise be careful with the water usage, every drop counts.

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