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Lib Dem Party Conference Gets Off to Groping Start

GROPECHESTER - England - This year's Lib Dem party conference got off to a touchy feely start.

The Lib Dem conference was held this year in Gropechester, just a short grind from the 36DD, turn left at the Titsbury junction and you’re in there son.

“I’ve never had such a great conference, the Lib Dem ladies were decked out on stage and Lord Rodhard and his chums all had a good feel. I myself was tempted but when I looked over my shoulder I saw Miriam crushing her hands and giving me a sort of Spanish death stare kind of thing,” Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg recalled after the conference.

Some of the policies on tow were:

1) More groping rights for Lib Dems

2) A deny everything rule so it always goes away

3) ‘No I didn’t do that’ law especially reserved for Lords

4) ‘Come ‘ere darlin’ I’ve got some constituency business I’d like you to look at’ law

5) Hands on, hands slowly off law

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