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Think Tank: Why Mass EU Migration Will be Good For UK

LONDON - England - Why is mass migration good for the UK and the EU? A British think tank has come up with some thoughts about the positive nature of super states and how genetic mixing is beneficial to human existence, economically as well as socially.

The No Borders think tank has revealed an alternative view to the mass EU migration into the UK we are currently seeing today.

“To have a truly global world, there must not be any borders or nationalism. Migration therefore should be encouraged because it encourages diversity and mixing of human genetic DNA. To have a nation with one homogeneic genetic structure is destructive in the long run. This is why, for example the UK, which used to be staunchly nationalistic inherently racist nation, is a prime example of how populations can be altered irreversibly for the better. The EU, has done an excellent job in the destruction of the traditional English population, but from the destruction will come a new race of EU citizens, a vast melting cauldron of genetic diversity which is needed to further the EU agenda,” professor Miles Ainsworth, told the BBC.

The professor added: “Economically, the EU is a master of the UK. It has engineered a super state which has clandestinely appropriated a sea of change unrivalled in British history. As for political concepts like democracy, these are ideologies that will be phased out completely later on. There is no need for such a fake premise as democracy, as the concept never really existed in reality anyway. The EU is overt now, and as time goes by, they will restructure the UK completely. For the better, of course, because the EU includes and does not exclude. Russia will be the next target, because that has to be assimilated to propel growth to even higher levels. EU leaders must not make the same mistakes as previous attempted conquerors, like Napoleon and Hitler, no, the EU must bide its time and complete the task slowly and surely utilising economic technique as well as social technique, but once the great prize of Russia is assimilated, the EU will be untouchable globally. It will no longer be a European Union but a World Union as it spreads its wings further and further finally joining with China who hold the same values, and if the United States is still around so too will they be assimilated. Your new religion will be the EU.”

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