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Note to Self – Don’t Get Into a Tiny Submarine to Visit Titanic

ATLANTIC OCEAN - Time is running out for a billionaire tourist and others stuck in a tiny mini submarine attempting to visit the wreck of the Titanic.

There are a lot of things a billionaire can do — but getting into a tin pot mini submarine tomb and visiting the Titanic 15,000 feet under fucking water should not be one of them.

The billionaire paid $200,000 each for him and his son to dive down into the pitch black freezing muddy depths in a tomb with just a few zip-lock bags as a toilet. With no food, or fresh water, and a very limited supply of oxygen, this type of tourism is totally suicidal.

“Imagine when the air finally runs out. Yowzers. That is some scary ass shit,” one guy who saw the footage quipped.

As of yet, there have been no attempts to rescue the submarine, and the US Navy mini sub can only reach 2,000 feet.

The submarine’s oxygen supply is set to run out on Thursday. R.I.P.

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