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Biden: 800 Million Third World People Welcome in USA

EL PASO - USA - Mr Joe Biden has announced a State Department initiative to invite more than 800 million people into the US.


The current population of the United States is 331.9 million, but according to Joe Biden, there’s plenty of room for 800 million more.

“Eight hundred million people worldwide want to migrate into homes and jobs in America, according to a Gallup survey published on January 31. Well, why do you think I opened up our borders. You are welcome here, folks,” Mr Biden revealed at a recent press conference in Arizona.

“In 2021, 16% of adults worldwide — which projects to almost 900 million people — said they would like to leave their own country permanently,” the Gallup poll revealed.

Despite Biden’s open door policy at the US border being labelled as reckless by sane people, Biden is adamant that he is doing the right thing.

“If you live in the poorest countries in the world, we want to help you. Our borders are now open. You just have to walk through, and we will give you and your extended family, including goats and chickens, a home, a car, and a job. Folks, we also welcome each and every one of you into our own homes, and jobs.”

Americans are now being advised to accommodate economic migrants in their homes. Embassies in many troubled regions of the globe are also posting details on how to come to the United States to start a new life of luxury.

On Wednesday, Biden ordered the State Department to start a dedicated program for the migration of 800 million people from some of the most deprived countries in the world to be granted free entry into the United States.

“Mi casa, su casa! We Americans greet you with open arms into our homes. Welcome. Thank you!” Biden added.



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