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Shame! Woke Septon of Marxist Morality Target Jeremy Clarkson

CHIPPING NORTON - England - Simple farmer, Jeremy Clarkson is to be publicly shamed by the Church of Woke Septon Marxist Morality Clergy next week.

Oh dear, the keepers of all morality, speech and thought have sunk their puritan high priest of woke claws into simple farmer, Jeremy Clarkson. Oh, the utter shame, the puritan priests have been offended, the Woke Septon clergy are assembling to drag this lowly fellow through the streets and have shit thrown at him. Shame, he has angered the mighty puritan Marxist woke god of seven farts.

Repent to the Soviet Woke Gods of Communist Morality

Who wants to see Jeremy Clarkson naked? It would be preferable to have one’s eyes gouged out with rusty ice-cream scoopers. Well, next week on Thursday, he will be paraded through the streets lined with morally outraged woke puritan leftists who abhor free speech.

Shame! Shame! Shame! (bell ring)

Clarkson, you will repent to the High Septon of The Woke Church of Seven Farts. Puritan woke Marxists will not abide by such nonsense uttered from the columns written by Jeremy Clarkson.

Hypocritical woke women want the ideal of egalitarianism yet when they have equality thrust upon them, they suddenly do not like equality so much. The woke #metoo High Septa will not abide by such things like being treated with the same vitriol as males are treated on a daily basis.

If only someone would plant that magical explosive green stuff under these woke puritan arseholes and be done with them once and for all.



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