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Many Billionaires Have Shown Themselves as Not Deserving of Their Wealth

LONDON - England - Billionaires today are mostly undeserving of their great wealth and are not utilising their money in the right way.

How much money and material wealth is enough? True virtue and knowledge are not attained by the acquisition of monetary or material wealth. This, and many other variables explicitly applied to the realm of today’s visible billionaires, reveals that many of these so-called successful people are actually empty shells, soulless plastic fake automatons who are simply going through the machinations of living life and being truly human.

Those billionaires who move and work in their own way, in their own virtuous manner with no desire for the frivolities of celebrity fame, usually are the ones who are not nouveau riche but come from old money. These are the ones who have inculcated the correct way to live life, and conduct their patronage quietly without self-aggrandising undignified displays to all and sundry.

Whether you are poor and own nothing, or incredibly rich and own everything — death is the great equaliser in all things. Billionaires cannot buy their way out of death, and as much as they try, they will never be able to cheat a visit from the grim reaper. The gluttonous billionaires have dedicated their entire lives and energy in acquisition yet when the lights finally dim forever, they will not be able to take their beloved offshore account balances to the infinite sleep of nothingness as their brains shut off permanently.

Billionaires, trillionaires, gazillionaires whatever the ‘…aires’, their modus operandi is owning everything they see and hear about, and without that greedy impulse their entire being within this global system of ultimate corruption would amount to nothing. Their defining quality is one of uselessness because as much as these virtue-signalling damaged humans throw their money around nothing changes, awful things still happen, corruption and crime is still everywhere, human inequity, mass starvation, war and pollution filled oceans still boil over in a bubbling chemical soup.

Technique, power, contacts, board meetings, the state of ennui infiltrates everything as in much of the actions of billionaires there is little reward, and these people still operate within a system of limitations.

There is no cure for being human, and the majority of these billionaires revel in this thought as they fritter away their riches on insane pet projects that will almost certainly amount to nothing. They want to be shown to change the existence of the underlings, make life better they claim, when in reality their fake virtue signalling invariably makes life a lot harder for everyone. Great inventions that changed humanity for the better usually came from limited resources and no billion dollar accounts, because the innovators with their limited resources really had to work for that elusive goal, that fleeting creative spark of true invention that can only come from true hardship and graft. Many of those true innovators died penniless as their inventions were then stolen and adapted by the leech money men, and other exploitative parasitic beasts that inhabit the cesspit of human society.

What does the squandering billionaire think as he takes his last breath on this plane of existence? Possibly a tear rolls down their cheek as they realise fully that they cannot take all the things they amassed on earth with them to the great dark silence. To have such concerns is indeed fearful, and sad at the same time.

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