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Experts: Putin Will Soon Call Full War With Mandatory Conscription Draft

LONDON - England - An anonymous think tank has revealed what Putin, and Russia's next moves will be globally and internally.

Yes, Putin has lost 80k plus troops in Ukraine, along with tonnes of armour and heavy equipment, but much like a rat caught in the corner, he is now more dangerous than ever.

“Putin does have an overall plan, as he was baited into this mess by the US and EU in 2014 who meddled with Russia’s influence in Ukraine. When Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych was ousted from his position, the sleeping bear was finally awakened, and now eight years after that event, the globe is truly feeling the repercussions.

“One must understand that World War III started a long time ago, but it will only be a true world war when Armenia and Azerbaijan escalate, as well as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Turkish tensions with Greece are escalating daily, as well as Chinese intentions to invade Taiwan. Once there is overall movement globally and simultaneously, overt World War III can finally be declared.

“Could there be nuclear detonations from the Russian side? Naturally, the biggest fear amongst global leaders is nuclear escalation, but even though Putin has had many setbacks in Ukraine, it would be a serious folly to consider irradiating not only vast swathes of the Ukrainian country but much of Russia as well since the two nations border each other. Detonating nuclear weapons also holds a high risk of escalation into all out nuclear war, where Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is truly a sign of utter stupidity and madness.

“If there are ever going to be detonations of atomic devices, they will most probably emanate from a suitcase bomb planted in some major city. This is a perfect way to cause maximum damage to an enemy yet remain absolved of any blame as there will be no evidence left in the crater. The Iranians are not only supplying the Russians with deadly Kamikaze Shahed-136 delta-wing drones which are causing absolute devastation in Ukraine, but have already enriched enough uranium to arm multiple atomic devices. Technologically, the Iranians are moving fast, developing deadly weaponry to not only fight their enemies but to sell to their allies for huge profits. While Joe Biden has been sleeping on the job, Iran has been given every chance to expand its nuclear program.

“Imagine a suitcase nuke going off in downtown Manhattan? It might not have a large yield, but it would flatten a radius of approximately a few miles, killing at least 100,000 people, as well as irradiate much of the city as a whole. There would be no witnesses at ground zero because they would all be evaporated, and no clues to the perpetrator. Yes, of course there would be candidates to blame for such an atrocity, but without outright evidence, what can any government do?

nuclear explosion

“On 7 September 1997 General Aleksandr Lebed, former Secretary of the Russian Security Council revealed that the Russian military had lost track of more than a hundred out of a total of 250 “suitcase-sized nuclear bombs”. Lebed stated that these devices were made to look like suitcases, and that he had learned of their existence only a few years earlier. Who is to say the Russians have not ‘lost’ more Suitcase Nukes since 1997, or alternatively sold them to either their proxies or whoever waved the most cash? Suffice to say, a conventional nuclear war would not be in Russia’s favour, and if there are ever to be any kind of detonations, they would occur intermittently in any given city to cause mainly economic damage to an enemy more than anything else. One can imagine the panic selling in Wall Street and Chicago if anything as terrible as this scenario would ever take place.

“Russia already has a conscripted army of 400,000 soldiers from the age of 16 – 27, but with the escalation of the Ukrainian war as well as heavy Russian losses, Putin may have to opt for mass conscription, effectively drafting every male in Russia from the age of 16 – 45. In the interests of public order and an air of normalcy in public life, Putin has not yet opted for this strategy of drafting all Russian males, however the time for this approach is nearing every day.

“Despite pathetic sanctions by some Western nations, the malls and supermarkets in Russia are still stocked to the hilt. Companies like GAP, H&M, Apple, KFC, TJI Fridays, Crocs, Burger King, Armani, Lacoste amongst many others still have their stores open to the Russian public. Marks and Spencer still has 48 stores open in Russia. More than 100 EU companies are still operating in Russia, over seven months into the Ukrainian conflict. The Russians have generally circumvented any sanction discrepancies by either copying Western brands completely with their own branding and manufacturing, or are serviced via China, the Middle East or other nations sympathetic to Russia.

“The next step for Putin will be to declare all out war. He will then bring in a mandatory draft for all Russians. Due to the continuing partnership with China and trade of Russian energy resources, the funding for ongoing mass war is secure monetarily, as production of weapons systems will increase to Soviet levels.

“We must almost certainly presume that Russia will once again embrace its Soviet past, and return to communism, joining with its Chinese communist counterpart. This final revision into Soviet Russia 2.0 will complete the final stage in Russia’s development away from Western capitalist ideals and engender a new era of communism. Naturally, the party hierarchy and oligarchs will be integrated fully with their privileges and riches, albeit in a much more stealthy manner, as was the case in the first USSR construct. There will once again be dedicated lanes on Russian motorways only for high party officials, and select shops where the elite soviet members can purchase their Western products. As for the people, they will have to endure being used as cannon fodder in places like Ukraine, and continue living in their shoddy grey soviet era apartment blocks.”

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