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Bad Breath May Have Caused Tory Debate Presenter to Faint

LONDON - England - The latest Tory leadership debate between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss has been cancelled after the presenter fainted on air possibly due to a bad breath incident.


The TalkTV Tory debate, hosted by former Sky journalist Kate McCann, abruptly halted around halfway through after a loud crash was heard.

TalkTV said McCann was “fine” but investigators think a bout of severe halitosis may have sent McCann crashing to the floor.

“We are not pointing any fingers at any of the candidates during the debate, but Rishi Sunak was seen before the debate tucking into a large Indian garlic dish of some sort,” the channel added.

Thank god Kate McCann is okay…

“Ah, the adorable Kate McCann, she is as delicate as a flower with an excruciatingly thin looking neck. To her credit, she does have an almost encyclopedic political brain that can recount anything that happened in parliament from 1998 to present. Kate, however, never had the deep sexiness of Sophie Ridge though, her well toned legs tentatively teasing under her news desk or that slight husky tone to her voice. Sunday with Sophie Ridge on Sky is a dream most would drag their bollocks over two miles of glass to even get a whiff of her delicately perfumed skyjina. As for Sarah Jane Mee, it’s more like ‘meh’. Lest we forget the gargantuan sometimes cutting tones of Beth Rigby, who maybe twenty years ago was a goer but today a bit of a mower,” one viewer commented.

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