FACT CHECK : Joe Biden Collusion With Son in Illegal CCP China Deal Audio

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Joe Biden recording telling son he is "all clear" after doing business with a Chinese CCP company never happened according to the Democrat fact check.

china joe - beijing biden
Beijing Biden

Conclusive audio evidence reported by the NY Post revealing that Joe Biden worked to coverup a business deal his son, Hunter had with a Chinese company ties to the CCP will not be covered by America’s media because it is the truth.

Listen to the audio here


“Here at CNN we do not cover stories that may reveal the truth, especially regarding Democrats like Joe Biden. We have no integrity and are completely biased,” one executive said when confronted with the evidence on Joe Biden.

MSNBC, which is another arm of the socialist Democrat Party also naturally ignored the evidence and in their statement emphatically denied the audio recording of a phone call with Joe Biden ever took place.

“Here at MSNBC we only do stories that are pro-Democrat and are completely biased to anything other than socialist Democrat Party propaganda. It would be wrong for us to even acknowledge such a conversation ever happened, despite the overwhelming evidence revealing otherwise.”

Twitter and Facebook which are far-left biased social network arms of the Democrat Party immediately suppressed all news of the Joe Biden audio.

Other biased American and global news agencies refused to acknowledge the audio recording as well.

Integrity in journalism by suppressing the truth.

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