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It’s Okay to Vandalise and Destroy Historical Statues if They Annoy You

BRISTOL - England - All historic artefacts, buildings and statues can be torn down at the whim of vandalising mobs, a court ruling has declared.


Statues, historical buildings, artefacts, museum pieces, priceless remnants, these can all be destroyed legally in the UK simply because of anyone’s perception of their historical moral value according to the person’s political or belief system. The judgement that the vandals who desecrated and destroyed a statue of a historical figure from the past should be let off without a single charge means that not only are some judges in the UK severely deranged, but the legal system is skewed, as well as politically motivated.

The Taliban and ISIS acted in the same way when they destroyed priceless statues and artefacts from thousands of years ago. The vile scum who desecrated the statue of Edward Colston are only acting in the same manner as the Taliban and ISIS. The effete judge in the court case and politicized jury who let these fuckwit vandals off obviously cannot see the resemblance.

Britain must free its legal system completely from the clutches of the EU as well as the woke virtue signalling untermensch.

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