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Èric Zemmour: Breath of Conservative French Air From Macron’s Progressive EU Gulag?

PARIS - France - Èric Zemmour is a breath of fresh air against the progressive destruction of the French nation over decades of sovietized socialism.


The antithesis of woke progressives in France who pledge allegiance to the communist ideals of the EU, Èric Zemmour, a journalist now politician, is eviscerating French politics and sending serious tremors through the Macron camp as next year’s election looms. Dubbed as Far-right by the Far-left, names and labels seem to be the order of the day. Is Zemmour a French Trump, who wants to Make France Great Again? Yes, there are similarities, especially with the aggressive reaction this politician has received from the Far-left merely for speaking out against the current woke situation.

After the dystopian nightmare of Wokism and progressive destruction of biology, Western history and society in general, Zemmour is coming out fighting, vowing to take back France from the globalist structures imposed on nations for so long.

It seems the French are fighting back from the spectre of complete loss of sovereignty as proposed by the EU federalists. They see their nation slowly succumbing to the communist EU action of stripping sovereignty and nationality from France, relegating its history, language, identity to the soviet EU shredder bin.

Naturally, the current French socialist order is not happy with Zemmour and he was attacked violently during a recent rally. With mass immigration a serious talking point amongst the people, Zemmour capitalises on this generational problem that blights much of France/Europe.

Restoring and conserving everything that has been lost is a tall order. Whether Zemmour can achieve this will be up to the French populace, who either fight back from the damage already meted out, or stay silent in the face of France losing its sovereign existence forever.

One can hope that Èric Zemmour helps France in the future break away from the terrible hold of the EU. We must pray for a Frexit, and a serious backlash to the sovietized EU machine. When the rubber band is pulled so far, eventually it has to snap back.

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