The Good Thing About Time Is People Forget

LONDON - England - Government experts have detailed how easy it is to get away with certain actions, purely with the passage of time.

“There is brief outrage at the time, then as time passes, whatever event of wrongdoing by whatever government agency or MP is buried under as much news as possible. You see these internet days are a perfect smokescreen because the news comes thick and fast. It was certainly harder before the internet to gloss over a scandal or draconian act once it hit the papers. Let’s look at Snowden and Wikileaks. No one gives a flying f*ck. Time has passed, the government has now been assured that the people do not object to their non-existent privacy. These stories have been buried, and the torrent of useless information constantly bombarding the phones of ordinary citizens creates an amnesiac barrier. You are led from one goose chase to another and you will accept the opinion we give you,” an unnamed Whitehall source revealed.

Remember that as time passes, the doors close one step at a time, and you must forget the past, and repeat your trust, time and time again.