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Baby P Mother to Start Breeding As Soon As Gets Out of Prison

LONDON - England - After five years in prison for overseeing the brutal murder and rape of her children the Baby P mother can't wait to get back out there and have more children.

“Thanks to the British legal system in which a child’s life is pretty much worthless, I want to get out there again and have a few more kids,” Baby P mother, Tracey Connelly said smiling in prison.

The celebratory mood of the mother who oversaw the torture and murder of her children by her boyfriend, is something symptomatic of today’s society.

“You can get away with murdering defenceless children, and I’m going to live a happy life with even more children after this. I can’t wait to get stuck in again. I love it,” Baby Peter’s mother told newspapers.

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  1. There is absolutely no way the quotes shown are from tat shemunster……she isn't capable of stringing those words together, or using such terminology……although I agree with the sentiment of the price, I don't fully believe it's quotes. This animal has sub human iq.

  2. I don't understand society today. Where's justice? Some women shouldn't be aloud children. Torturing a toddler for God sake. Women out there spending exstantional amount of money to have children. Taking someone's life. My opinion they should send her to death row !!!!! As a mother myself it's upsetting to see what some evil mothers out there doing to these poor babies and children. They didn't ask to be brought in to this world so there for its their responsibility to protect their children…..

  3. Omg I think its disgusting that an animal like this should be released into the comunity ,she shuold be put to sleep like the dogs that maime…………this will be a travesty of justice if she is allowed to have anymore poor children even if they survive what morals would she pass one to another generation .

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