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Miley Cyrus Doctor Visit Goes Well

LOS ANGELES - USA - A Doctor has praised Miley Cyrus on her behaviour and cooperation during a routine checkup yesterday.

“She came into my office and her tongue was hanging out throughout the time she was there. I didn’t even need to ask her to stick her tongue out. I wish all patients were like her,” Dr. Donald Epstein of the Beverly Hills Health Center told the LA Sun newspaper.

According to reports, the pop starlet has a few nasty things growing on her tongue, possibly due to over exposure.

Health expert, Gerardo Hernendez said: “If you’re going to expose your tongue all day in the public, the surface will attract all kinds of bacteria, and fungus. From initial tests, Ms. Cyrus has 12 different types of fungi growing on her tongue, some of which could be toxic. Heck, we’ll probably see mushrooms growing on that thing soon, or maybe slimy mold.”

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