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Obama Off to Hawaii During U.S. Gov. Shut Down

WAIKIKI - USA - President Obama has already left Washington D.C. in Air Force One for an extended holiday during the three month government shut down over the Obamacare debacle.

The President was seen boarding Air Force One today as he escaped the vicious battle that has emerged over his radical health care reforms.

Michelle Obama will follow with her entourage later on in the week and the family dog will also be flown in on a seperate jet costing U.S taxpayers $43 million.

“Looks like he did a cut and run. Needs to get outta dodge. Surfs up in Hawaii, maybe the prez might catch some tubes this time of year,” a political commentator told the Political Matrix website.

Mrs Obama’s entourage will include hair stylists, astrologers, pedicurists, nutritionists and a travelling circus to entertain the kids. The security detail is so enormous that all the 5 star hotels in Hawaii are completely booked up.

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