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Holidaymakers Find Way to Avoid 5-Hour Heathrow Delays Into Britain

LONDON - England - Innovative holidaymakers returning to Britain have found a way to avoid the 5-hour queues at Heathrow Airport.

Holidaymakers are being subjected to over 5-hour waits in queues to re-enter Britain at Heathrow, but one family returning from their Spanish holiday found a quicker and easier way into the country.

“We took a flight to France, then went to Calais, where we bought a rubber dinghy for 40 euros. All four of us including our two kids and luggage fitted perfectly. For safety, we found some life jackets on the beach, perfectly wearable. Dover is that way, I pointed. Paddling away, we were twenty minutes into the trip when a French Navy frigate turned up. They explained that they could tow us most of the way across the Channel as a courtesy. We just sat back and enjoyed the view, the lovely French even dropped off some tasty baguettes filled with brie, and a bottle of chardonnay. On the way, we passed over 30 dinghies full of people, they too were being pulled by French Navy ships. Everyone was very cheerful, laughing and waving at us. In no time, we could see the white chalky Cliffs of Dover, and we all cheered. It was an ‘au revoir’ from our French friends, and we paddled for five minutes until the British coast guard turned up. They cheerfully said we would be towed to port, so we sat back once again, and enjoyed the VIP service. Arriving at shore, we were greeted by friendly border control staff who gave us blankets and hot cups of tea. We were then put on a bus and driven to a four star hotel for a full slap up meal and hot showers in our luxury rooms. They even gave us all vouchers worth £200 each to spend as we please. The mini bar was fully stocked, and the rib eye steak was delicious from room service. With tears in our eyes, we reluctantly left to go back home to London,” Philip Fetherlite, 45, revealed.

No 5-hour queues were involved at any stage of the trip home.

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