Japan May Soon Need to Resurrect Samurai Bushido Spirit

TOKYO - Japan - The Land of the Rising Sun may have to once again resurrect its Samurai Bushido spirit to fight for survival.

The great nation of Japan may have to step up to the line once more to defend itself from the rogue communist nation of China, which is now on a major global expansionist drive. Under the tyrant Xi Jinping, China has threatened to nuke Japan into non-existence if it even raises one ship or plane when it invades Taiwan.

“Just as Obama lost half of Ukraine to Russia, it is certain that Biden will lose Taiwan to China. Joe Biden, who is China’s biggest cheerleader, will be ordered by Xi Jinping to stand down when Taiwan is invaded. Biden does not like confrontation and will also abandon Japan if it comes down to that as well,” a Pentagon observer revealed.

China is rapidly becoming increasingly desperate to acquire more land due to its mass industrialisation, most of the country is now heavily polluted and not fit for human or animal life.

“The Chinese military officials released the Covid-19 virus, but news in the CCP is that the operation has been a failure. The Chinese were expecting more global deaths and economic mayhem to take down many Western countries completely, but this never happened. This is why they are now working on an even deadlier virus, but in the meantime, their sabre rattling is continuing,” another analyst revealed.

This is why Japan may have to resurrect its Bushido spirit to fight with all its might against the vengeful Chinese one last time.