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How Many Times? Suicidal Arabs with No Air Force Try to Fight Israel

GAZA - Primitive rocket attacks on Israel are an exercise in futility seeing as the technologically advanced Israelis have an air force, Iron Dome and access to satellites.


The idiots in Gaza must be suicidal because they are using 19th Century military techniques and equipment against a nation with 21st Century military hardware, and an air force. How many times do these idiots bring upon their own destruction with their low IQs? Okay, these are religious zealots blinded by their trust in god, but even the dumbest religious non-scientific fools would generally realise their position and not commit Hara Kiri by Israeli military supremacy.

It was the same religious non-scientific stupidity with ISIS, they did not have an air force, they did not have command over satellites, they were basically sitting ducks to nations who had those things. All these Arab movements and factions are doomed to failure from the beginning, but these people are too stupid to realise it.

To be blinded by your religion so much is a sure-fire way of falling in the battlefield, because military action is a science, and if you ignore the scientific part like the people in Gaza are doing, then you will reap the wrath of Israeli technical scientific military might on your head.

Is there anyone in Gaza right now – a place which is being systematically flattened by Israeli military might – who has a fucking brain cell between them to realise the futility of their actions of firing a bunch of dumb firework rockets at Tel Aviv?

You need a fucking air force, and we have said it time and time again, yet these cave men still do not get it. Without an air force, you will lose, and time and time again — you will lose!

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