Think Tank: EU Referendum Votes Will Not Count

LONDON - England - The projected EU Referendum, which was created as an apparatus to appease the populace, will not count for anything according to an economics forum think tank.

“When you have senior Tories like Douglas Hurd, Ken Clarke and Leon Brittan saying the UK should stay in the EU, then you know the hierarchy have already got things stitched up. Add in the variables of a constant media blitz from Britain’s EU masters ordering the UK Press to compile articles espousing the benefits of EU membership, and many of the people are now pro EU. If things turn awry and there is a negative vote, then they will simply either order a recount or make the whole vote up. Such is the power of the EU over Britain and the financial clout that it wields, there will be no choice for the UK. There may never be a referendum anyway because if Labour wins the 2015 election, they will scrap the referendum as it has no legal basis. Even the Royals have accepted the EU, and the euro currency because it will merely mean alignment with their heartland — Germany,” Edmund Spicer, revealed in a recent report.

Further EU agitation of course comes from staunch europhile Cameron, the BBC and naturally Labour.

“Once the EU referendum is stitched up, this is the green light to dump the GBP and bring in the euro currency. By then, Britain would be completely defeated as a nation and the silent Soviet revolution would be complete. Not one shot will be fired for this defeat. It will in fact be hailed as a victory,” another key researcher on the project added.