Whatever Happened to America’s Truckers?

MIDWEST - USA - The truckers are the backbone of America. Without them, nothing would be delivered anywhere.


When you have everything taken from you, what have you got to lose? On election night, everyone saw the massive spikes of fraudulent ballots all for Joe Biden suddenly pop up out of the blue. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or statistician to see there was something blatantly wrong going on there. Dead people voted, illegal aliens voted, ballots from China printed up with mysterious names voted, some people voted 300 times each as ballots were put through the machines multiple times and in some areas there were more votes than registered voters. It was a blatant steal, and the worst part of the situation was that not one institution or court wanted to even look at the evidence, and not one news outlet even registered that anything happened out of the norm, it was one big whitewash. The people saw it though, and they experienced it, and so did the election observers who were thrown out of the counting rooms.

Now there is no trust in the American electoral system, its judicial system, its Federal offices, the FBI, and certainly no trust in either the Democrat Party or the Republican GOP. Pretty much every U.S. governmental institution was part of this election farce, and the people do not want to vote again — what’s the point? Your vote does not count, so voting is completely useless.

To compound the issue, the news media and social networks have now created a pseudo-Marxist soviet echo chamber where there is only one voice that chimes through, yes, the voice of communism, of censorship and cancel culture. Effectively mimicking the Chinese Communist Party and killing off the First Amendment.

Taxation without representation, that’s what they yelled as they threw those big crates of tea into Boston Harbour on December 16, 1773. As an American citizen, many feel the same way today, they are not represented in any way, so why the fuck should they pay tax? If they can trample over the First and Second Amendment in one fell swoop, what about the rest of the constitution?

If freedom and democracy die in America, then Western Civilisation is lost completely. Already in Europe, the EU has taken over many freedoms, and is ruling over formerly sovereign nations much like the USSR did during the Soviet era. In Britain, despite lockdowns, at least we have escaped the EU, although one suspects the small print of the Brexit deal probably ensures some level of control from Brussels in some capacity. America is all we have left, and elements like Big Tech are killing off democracy bit by bit.

What is to be done? Is there a solution to this malaise? Well, read the constitution, in there the Founding Fathers set out solutions to tyranny, and they foresaw there would be problems ahead. Why not use their advice, their guidance to right the wrongs that have been committed by these treacherous corrupt vagabonds? It is your right as an American, because you are the people, and from time to time, tyranny must be discarded, eviscerated, removed completely, for everything to reset.

No one said making an omelette without breaking a few eggs was possible, therefore stopping the movement of goods with peaceful truck protests is possibly the best method in getting some of these swamp creatures to sit up and take some notes.

Imagine if every trucker across America stopped delivering for a week, then a month, then a year, what a magnificent message that would give to the corrupt?

Seeing the reaction on the face of Jeff Bezos would be particularly gratifying.


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