Bilderberg Food Fight Cost UK Taxpayers Millions

WATFORD - England - What do you get when you have a bunch of miscreant world statesmen, politicians, business leaders and Henry Kissinger in a room with tonnes of gourmet food on the table?

“Fo-o-o-o-d fight!” shouted Henry Kissinger as he tossed a blancmange that probably cost more to make than a year’s salary for an NHS nurse.

According to Bilderberg insiders, world and business leaders who met secretly at the annual Bilderberg convention had another food fight, and not only are UK taxpayers paying the price but the French head chef is furious.

“I spent three days preparing that food with the best ingredients for these monsters who secretly control the world, and here they are throwing my wonderful creations all over the place. C’est an outrage. Je quitte!” Michelin 5 star rated head chef, Michel Guarande revealed after the Bilderberg convention yesterday.

The expensive menu for the Bilderberg convention cost a whopping £8.9 million and consisted of such delights as Suprême de animelles rôti, endive caramelisée diarrhée, clémentine, sauce au thé au chien pisse and Salope poêiée, coques, lardons, purée de merde et essence au contribuable Anglais.

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