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We Are Witnessing Colour Revolution Engineered by Norm Eisen Against Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The current coup being implemented on Trump is called a Colour Revolution.

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There are two types of revolution, the violent messy type, and the colour revolution which has been utilised against nations to institute regime change without putting boots on the ground.

Norman L. Eisen, a key legal hatchet man under the Obama administration is in charge of the current action against Donald J. Trump, but he has also been the man who engineered hundreds of lawsuits and aggressive legal action against Trump in the past.



1) A semi-autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime

2) An unpopular incumbent

3) A united and organized opposition

4) An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified

5) Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote

6) A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud

7) Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces.

War without fighting

By ousting Trump through a dodgy election, the Democrats have engineered a perfect Colour Revolution, as the CIA usually utilises against unpopular regimes around the world they want removed for the purposes of International security or any other purpose that is beneficial to themselves.

Russian military leaders view “colour revolutions” as a “new US and European approach to warfare that focuses on creating destabilizing revolutions in other states as a means of serving their security interests at low cost and with minimal casualties.”[

You just need to look behind the curtain to see the people who engineered this clusterfuck, and you will find Obama and his minions giggling their asses off at all the crazy nonsense going on.

N.B. The Daily Squib does NOT subscribe to any political party, and does not belong in any way or fashion to any huma-constructed political ideologies left or right or centre. The Daily Squib is a mere mirror of any activity that is occurring in the world at any and all times, and views any scenario in an objective manner only seeing the right or wrong of any situation. The Daily Squib abhors totalitarianism and censorship from any political ideology, and we fight for the preservation of democracy/freedom of expression/speech in the West.

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