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It’s Starting – Collective Psychosis of American Socialists

PORTLAND - USA - The soviet socialist Democrat followers exhibiting collective psychosis are easily controlled automatons with a limited world view.


What happens when the media keeps pushing the premise that the U.S. election result is in the bag for Democrats? The daily pumped up polls for Biden sweeten up the chumps for a big fall if things don’t go their own way. They’re set for a win, a guaranteed win because the pollsters said so. There can be no other result than a Democrat win.

One has to understand the insular nature of Americans, they generally have a very limited world view, and to them nothing exists out of their closeted world. In the run up to the U.S. Elections they are fed nonsense and propaganda day in day out for a two-year run-up period. This sort of conditioning creates an almost fanatical following for whoever they are following, and their limited world view is very linear, controlled by the American media overlords and monopoly tech giants.

Despite all the mass censorship, YouTube purges, and blatant bias towards one single candidate, which is tantamount to election rigging, Trump still could win the election. Every cog, every gear is programmed against him, every carefully engineered debate or supposed level playing field is skewed in favour of Joe Biden, so it is impossible for the Democrats to even imagine Trump winning a second term.

We have to understand the collective psychosis of socialists, and the Soviet programming they are subject to daily. One of the prominent soviet techniques of mass programming is the utilisation of repetition. If you repeat an untruth enough times, and by a trusted body, it will eventually be believed. Socialism is a form of religion, a cultish behaviour that is easy to control the masses who follow its ideology. These people are trusting of their soviet commandants and whatever they say they repeat, whatever they tell them to think they will think, and to this respect followers of socialism are automatons, NPCs, brainless cannon fodder to be used to fill the voting booths.

This is why, when the socialist American Democrat automatons feel something is wrong in the programming or that things are not going their way somehow, they generally melt down.


The classic case of this socialist melt down was the woman screaming after the 2016 election results came through, and Trump won. The collective psychosis, soviet socialist programming and automaton self had nowhere to go, the only thing this person could do as her limited world view crumbled before her very eyes was to have a complete mental breakdown. These people were conditioned and made to believe the Democrat candidate would win with such deceit and malicious control that the robot busted her circuits right there.

Observers of the socialist mindset can definitely see a pattern, these people have a certain idealism, they think they are right in all circumstances, and are the only ones who know how to live, think and be. It is the socialist who knows better than you, much like the communist thinks he does, and it is this authoritarian belief system that is omnipotent, above all. When the curtain is drawn however, and another reality is presented to these mind controlled automatons, they cannot handle it, they self-destruct. One could even stipulate these people resemble children having tantrums when they do not get what they want.

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