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Queen of California Dominates From Cattle Class on Airline

SACRAMENTO - USA - It seems the Queen of California has a lot to say when she is flying in cattle class.


This is why there is a mass exodus of citizens from California, one only has to watch the video above to see that there is a serious problem in that state, although the problem is also now spreading like wildfire to other states too.

The Queen of California, travelling in coach class as the Americans call it, (Brits refer to it as cattle class) is an irreverent woman with delusions of grandeur exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown, and is an obvious ignorant yet proud racist.

She keeps talking about how black people are the dominant race with dominant genes, and are the original people, however she neglects to mention something called evolution. Without evolution, the technical wonders of science and all literature, art, philosophy, architecture and governing systems would not have taken place. The evolved humans moved out of Africa thousands of years ago and were party to genetic mutations (evolution) whereas Africans stayed behind in their cosy continent and did nothing much.

Whilst the Roman civilisation were building aqueducts, under floor heating and vast palaces of marble with complex political, military and governing systems 2,500 years ago, sub-Saharan Africans were living in mud huts – in the year 2020 – many are still living under the same conditions. The rest of humanity evolved, not only genetically but in technique, and levels of brain mass intelligence, whereas Africa and its people did not of their own fruition.

To listen to this poor deluded woman ranting on with her ill educated mannerisms is an affront to intelligence, education and knowledge. It is only too clear that many African Americans are completely off the scale with illusions of superior grandeur at the moment and are only embarrassing themselves with such displays of so-called ‘dominance’ and overt racism. These people have been misled to believe they are somehow superior Wakanda beings who must now rule over every other race, built up by BLM Marxist ideology, and socialist media propagandists in the pockets of billionaire financiers. If they only knew who was pulling the strings behind the scenes, then they would possibly wake up from their faux ‘woke’ delusions.

African Americans are now simply pawns and stooges in a bigger game than they can never fathom, useful idiots being played by rich white billionaires, Democrat politicians and their deep pockets. Played by Biden and the far left socialist experts behind his campaign. They all probably laugh heartedly as they see the idiots holding up their placards not knowing why they are doing it, but doing it anyway. Dear African American, you are not ‘woke’, you are being played because ‘wokeness’ is now just a commercial ploy for the black dollar, but you can’t see it can you, as you dish out your EBT money to buy those $400 Nike sneakers, which only enriches the white man you hate so much. You’re still in the plantation, but the saddest part is you don’t know it, and think the white socialists are your benefactors, when they’re just using you for votes.

The same goes to black rappers and black artists in the music biz. Sure your intermediary contacts may be black, but follow the money all the way up the tree and see who owns the massive conglomerates that funnel the little bits of cash you will see. Every song you write, every rap you make is ultimately owned by some white guy at the top of the tree, and he is profiting off your every utterance, however anti-white it is. This model, can also be applied to all sports and every business field where black people are employed.

If we fall back onto the trap of genetics once again, and listen to the cranked up sister and her Queen of California ratchet rant, we must also consider the intelligence quotient of much of her brethren. Africans never had any mixing with the Neanderthal genes, therefore they did not make the genetic jump in intelligence levels thousands of years ago that all other races did. This is why there is a vast IQ difference, and unfortunately it is inherently down to genetic differences, as much as sickle cell is, to their supposed ‘dominance’.

We can only wish the Queen of California a safe journey back to her home, where she probably rants to her many cats. She may be deranged, but she’s a proud woman of African origin, the first people who inhabited this earth, but did not evolve like all the others.

Hang on a second, isn’t Meghan Markle the Queen of California? Surely there has been a mistake here…

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