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Ace in the Pack – Tiffany Trump Speaks

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Tiffany Trump was certainly one of the many stars of the last RNC before the November election.


Where have they been hiding this girl? Okay, the consensus in the Squib office is that Tiffany Trump does have slightly odd features, but she is definitely doable, and has a brain that speaks sense.

Apart from socialists and communists, most Americans want freedom, it is written deeply in their constitution and as a recently graduated lawyer, Tiffany Trump based her whole speech on that premise that defines the soul of America,  the right to be free. It seems the puritanical loser Democrats do not like freedom any more, they detest freedom of expression in all its forms, they want to ban everything, skewing the media into a one-sided biased propaganda network where only Marxist ideology is being pushed heavily, and all other voices cancelled. The so-called liberals are simply not ‘liberal‘ any more anyway.

Socialist American Democrat Party followers and members are now defined by riots, looting, heavy taxes, censorship and failure.

Tiffany Trump actually gets it, whether she wrote the whole speech herself or not, it was a master stroke. Her speech alone gave her father a few up ticks in the polls, and some of us a mild semi — even across the Atlantic.

Compared to the sclerotic DNC, which was a truly laughable amateur looking affair, the Republicans’ RNC looks professional and truly authoritative, pristine, professional, crisp.

We want more of this intelligent woman Tiffany Trump upfront Trumpsters. Congratulations also must go to C-SPAN for their refreshingly unbiased approach to the broadcast.

The cold hard reality – Vote for Freedom (Rep.) or vote for Communism (Dem.).

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