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Some People Programmed to Go On Spanish Holiday Even During Pandemic

BENIDORM - Spain - Analysts reveal why some Brits are heavily programmed to go on a Spanish holiday despite everything.

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Analysts have revealed the deep programming of some people to go on holiday to places like Spain even though there is a global viral pandemic raging across the globe. The Spanish holiday is deeply embedded in their blood.

“These people have no control over their urge to go on holiday to some piss hole Spanish hotel and congregate on overcrowded beaches with other British people from up North. It is absolutely programmed within their weak psyches to go on holiday whatever the situation.

“The government has now declared that anyone coming back from Spain has to self-isolate for 14 days after returning from their shitty holidays. The Covidiots should have known the fucking risks before putting everyone at risk in the UK by going on their bloody holidays.

“The level of programming lies in the irresponsible, selfish behaviour of these people, who do not think of anyone else but themselves.”

Holidaymakers in Spain are now condemned to missing two weeks of work when they come back to the UK, and many will probably lose their jobs.

One holidaymaker in Benidorm, Spain, Mick from Manchester, 23, revealed his frustration on the government’s decision.

“I don’t care if there is World War fookin’ three. Me and me mates are going on holiday to Spain and no one can do anything about it,” he said before projectile vomiting, then drunkenly falling off his hotel balcony.

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