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Many Rioters Do Not Know Who George Floyd Was?

CHICAGO - USA - Many rioters across American cities do not know why they are rioting and looting, and do not know who George Floyd was.


Reporters managing to ask rioters in multiple cities who George Floyd was, were intrigued to find out that many did not know who he was.

In Chicago, looters coming out of a Nike store which had been completely cleaned out were asked who George Floyd was.

“Never heard of him, Imma just got me sum Air Jordans so that whut I care ’bout right now. Axe me anuther question?”

In Seattle, looters had just gained access to a T-Mobile store and were coming out with boxes of the latest i-Phones.

“Why are you holding a Black Lives Matter banner and looting this store?” one reporter asked a masked youth.

“That? (pointing at the banner) Some white dude came up to me earlier and gave it to me with $10 and said I gotta carry it!”

The reporter then asked if anyone there knew who George Floyd was?

Multiple looters and rioters looked up in confusion waving their heads to signify no.

In Los Angeles, as rioters vandalised a Gucci store on Rodeo Drive, a reporter dared to ask a masked looter if they ever heard of George Floyd?

“I heard that name before, isn’t he the latest signing for the Lakers, plays point guard?”

In New York reporters once again tried to get some answers.

As a shopkeeper was being beaten about the head with a BLM banner for daring to try to protect his store, the reporter asked one of the assailants if he knew who George Floyd was?

“Never heard of him. Is he some kind cracker bitch talkin shit again or something like that? Scuse me while I beat the living shit out of this shopkeeper.”

After the man had been beaten so severely that he was left twitching on the road, the looters moved calmly onto the next shop to loot at ease.

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