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Why Europe and the EU Owes a Huge Gratitude to Great Britain

LONDON - England - Yesterday, the country commemorated 75 years since VE Day, but the threat of totalitarianism has not ended and the EU is still a major threat to world peace.


If it were not for Britain’s immense resilience 75 years ago, the world and Europe would have been a very different place.

We would not have democracy but a totalitarian Nazi regime of racial hatred ruling over the European continent and Britain, but it was one tiny island that scuppered the plans of the fascists to create their Third Reich of Nazism.


Europe never paid back the British for their sacrifice, instead building a different sort of nemesis across the channel. This time, instead of the Nazi political ideology, the Europeans sought to encompass and adopt the Soviet, collectivist ideology of the former USSR led directly by the unelected Politburo of the EU Commission.

Britain was duped in the 1970s into joining the early construct of the EU, simply as a trading mechanism but did not count on the political agenda that would manifest over time. We were now locked into this monolithic wasteful monster that subverted and subdued democracy, and used Britain simply as a cash cow for their socialist pet projects. Britain found itself being dictated to, being put on the back foot, being ruled over.

Seventy-five years ago on VE day, Britain and its allies had won the war, yet after joining the EU, we were firmly shown that we had not, especially in the eyes of our EU masters, and their communist East German ideals.

Europe had gone from National Socialism to Soviet Communism in one fell swoop, and this swing from one political ideology to another form of totalitarian authoritarianism was the precursor of the Brexit movement.

This island must never give up, especially with huge pressure now to delay or even stop Brexit because of the coronavirus.

Europe may one day thank Britain for seeing sense while most of them cannot or refuse to, especially with the impending dissolution of a Soviet EUSSR that is now intent on building its own military force amongst other expansionist ideas.

We stood up 75 years ago and fought for the tenets of freedom, liberty and democracy while Europe was paralysed under its own deathly facade of fascism, and today we fight for Europe to be freed from its own undemocratic chains of EU communism.

History repeats itself in funny ways sometimes.

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