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Americans Sitting in $45,000 SUVs Queue at Food Banks

PITTSBURGH - USA - There's something seriously wrong if the country sees the affluent in their SUVs queuing at food banks to feed their family.


What’s wrong with this picture? Queues extending for miles consisting of Americans sitting in their expensive $45,000 SUVs waiting for a free box of food to feed their families.

All over America food banks are being inundated with people who own expensive cars, and McMansions, but do not have the gumption or means to even pay for their own fucking food.

Waiting for four hours with their engine on idle, pumping out poison into the atmosphere and surfing the net on their $1000 smartphones, this is the American Dream at work right here, these people finally will get their little box of food they could not even bother to source or pay for themselves.


The American consumer would rather starve their own family, so they could own the latest 8k TV or top of the range SUV than have money to feed their own family. Watching Black Friday masses as they scramble for the latest smartphone, or toaster is a testament to a society that only values a material world bought with serious debt.

“If you don’t have the basic ability to even feed yourself or your family, fucking shoot yourself in the head, don’t expect others to feed you because you spent the food money on a Hawaiian holiday or car. Who are these people?” one bemused bystander exclaimed as the filthy shameful parade passed them by.


Who is feeding these people in the first place? The food bank owners should tell the owners of the expensive gas guzzling cars to sell them first, or sell their fucking top of the range Sony HDTV, or cancel that $10,000 trip planned for July. How about not going to Starbucks every day to buy that expensive cup of fucking coffee, and instead buy some food for your family?

What happens when the food banks all run out?

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