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Hurricane Sandy: Americans Realising What It’s Like to Have a British Summer

NEW YORK CITY - USA - Stand back, there's nothing to see here, if you're on the East coast of America, now you know very well what it is like to have a British summer.

“Now Americans know what it’s like to enjoy a summer in the UK where it pisses down with rain constantly and you get to see the sun for a few days in the year. It’s great that the Yanks are getting a taste of the Brit weather, innit,” an MOT tester from Tottenham, North London, told the BBC.

With pictures being constantly blasted all over the internet and news networks of a little bit of rain and wind coming over the East coast of America, one would be mistaken in thinking that the the Americans are a bunch of ‘wusses’ to put it in their lingo.

“It’s those Brits again, they’re sending over their friggin weather to NYC. As long as they don’t send over their goddamn British teeth or food, then that’s alright, we’ll just take their weather,” Al Johnsons, a New Jersey resident told CBS news.

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