Nicole-swimming-pool-international women's day
The swimming pool (

When looking for inspiration of women’s ingenuity and tenacity on International Women’s Day, look no further than a housewife from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Nicole Prins, managed to build a swimming pool in her family’s back garden for minimal cost, with minimal help, pretty much all by herself.

This truly astounding feat is certainly beyond what most men can achieve, and 99% of women, but she persevered through rain, shine, blood, sweat and tears to get the job done from the digging phase right through to plumbing, and laying of the surrounding tiles as well as boards, whilst looking after three kids, and working at an office every day.

Any man would indeed be extremely proud to have such a resourceful woman on their side, let alone as a wife.

Please do watch Nicole’s video on this International Women’s Day, because it will truly inspire a deep heartfelt warmth in her dedication and spirit.