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Young Ladies Celebrate Their A-Level Results

BRISTOL - England - It's that time of the year again where all the papers put up pictures of the cream of the crop A-level totty jumping for joy in fields with pieces of paper in their hands.

According to all the newspapers, these young fair skinned nubile ladies have just passed their A-Level examinations.

“You might as well put up a picture of a young filly licking the head of a vanilla ice cream as she delicately flicks the succulent white fluffy substance all over her tongue winking her eye at you. It’s certainly a welcome moment in the year when the A-levels come along, that’s for sure. Beats looking at pics of some poor f*cker who just got their legs blown off in Afghanistan,” retired Colonel Samuel Treblinka, told the Daily Telegraph.

Another avid newspaper reader said: “I certainly commend the newspaper editors every year who post these pics of young ladies fresh from studying, passing their exams. As they twirl in the fields clutching their papers against their straining blouses, their innocence is captured for a second, of course before they are tossed into the cruel world of university or unemployment. Such is the cruel nature of life to see these beautiful young white women, so full of promise displaying their soft lithe bodies to everyone. They are stars for an A-Level moment. Who shall be chosen next year to be photographed and become instantly famous? I am sure they await the moment when the press photographers turn up on exam result day. Just don’t let the wife catch you salivating over the pictures or you’ll be in the f*cking dog house.”

More A-Level goodies next year. Yum.

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