Margaret Thatcher to be Mummified and Displayed at Number 10

LONDON - England - Plans are under way to mummify the iconic former prime minister at Number10 Downing Street, Whitehall sources have revealed.

Using a new formaldehyde recipe recently formulated at the University College of London, Margaret Thatcher, possibly the most famous prime minister of modern Britain, will be displayed at 10 Downing Street in the Cabinet Room in a glass display case.

The current prime minister, David Cameron spoke about the plans from his Majorca holiday.

“It will be a great honour to see Maggie every day from her little box. She would have wanted it this way, and would not think for one second that it is macabre. No, on the contrary, she can rally the troops from her little box, irrespective of party allegiance. I bet she will hear every sordid word that is uttered at the cabinet meetings. You could say that she would be a guardian of all politics. I’ve actually heard that the taxidermist is even going to include the daggers in her back, which were, of course, placed there by her own Cabinet all those years ago,” Mr Cameron said via video link to the BBC’s studios in Manchester.

After Mrs Thatcher sadly passed away tonight at 6.30pm GMT, there were also calls for her mummified body to be initially displayed at Westminster Cathedral so that members of the public can pay their last respects to her.

“I was at the Poll Tax Riots and I’ll never forget Maggie. She was like a boil on the arse of humanity. God bless you ma’am. Rest in peace you crazy old bat,” Gerald Miner, from Yorkshire told the Northern Echo newspaper.

  • Ian McKee

    When are they going to have the display on because I'll pay to see that?

  • shocked of aldgate

    My sources say she has been dead for a few days now and they will only release the news when the time is right. The end of the Olympics was not a good time to release the news but there is a news blackout for a very good reason with mainstream media.

  • Karls Bad

    I like this idea a lot. They must have secured her permission before she croaked. ..well I hope so anyway…

    A sad day for British politics


  • mfix

    your UNnewsworthy team sucks …why would you us formaldehyde some one that's still alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pretty sick sounding to me