WW3 UPDATE: Turks Move Into Syria

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish army has mobilised and are moving their forces into Northern Syria to create a safety buffer zone bordering the country.

There is some alarm amongst Western nations as the Turks have been given the go-ahead to liquidate Kurdish militant terrorist groups bordering Turkey within Syria, creating a safety buffer zone, so that citizens who have been exiled by the Syrian war can go back to their homes.

Naturally, the West supports the Kurds who have waged a thirty year war of terror against Turkey demanding the Turks hand over half of their country to form a Kurdish state. Hundreds of thousands of Turkish civilians were murdered in cold blood by Kurdish separatist terrorist groups over the decades.

President Trump has threatened the Turks, that if anything happens to the Kurdish terrorist groups, then he will destroy the Turkish economy, like he has done before. Nevertheless, the Turks march on to create a safety buffer zone in Syria.


The West has a long history in utilising indigenous militaries to do their dirty work, and it also has a long history in abandoning these elements after they have completed their work. The Kurdish terrorist groups have been used and now have no use, and this is why the West will simply deem them as collateral damage.

The Turkish military have been aching to go into Syria for years and this will be a good opportunity to prove their military credentials, with updated equipment and large troop numbers. This will be an opportunity to test weapons in real combat situations, and to hone the skills of the various forces which will be involved in operations.

Once the buffer zone is created, the Turkish forces may move further into Northern Syria and effectively take most of the territory, however, this may step on Russia’s toes, who have them firmly implanted in Assad’s evil regime. The Kurdish terrorist groups could join with the Assad regime, thus escalating the conflict further against the Turks. The vast number of factions involved within the conflict zone could bring forth many differing scenarios, which could escalate into full warfare.

Instead of fucking around in Syria, the Turks should concentrate on freeing the Uighur people in China who are being subjected to a genocide by the communist Chinese brutalist regime. After all, if it were not for the Uighurs, Turks would not exist.