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Disgraceful Treatment of British PM by Luxembourg Scumbag

LUXEMBOURG - Disgraceful Luxembourg PM, Xavier Bettel planned to humiliate British PM, Boris Johnson by organising a mob of hecklers.


There is no world leader who should be treated in such a way by a host nation, to have organised crowds of hecklers put in front of a podium for a press conference.


The EU has treated British dignitaries with disgraceful indifferent regard, Luxembourg’s PM, Xavier Bettel, a divisive scoundrel expected the British PM to speak at an outdoor conference yards from a huge mob of shouting and spitting anti-Brexit hecklers, who were obviously organised and encouraged by EU officials.

“This is the way the EU treats the British, with disgraceful treachery. Next time an EU official comes to Britain they should put the bastard in front of an angry anti-EU mob, however Brits have more manners and dignity and would not stoop to the levels the EU shit bags go to,” one enraged British commentator revealed.

“We were encouraged and some were paid to heckle at the British PM,” one organised protester revealed after the tawdry show. The crowd of hecklers were perfectly coordinated to shout at Boris Johnson whenever he was in view. The security that were meant to keep order were all told to stand by and do nothing as some of them even threw objects at Johnson.

The mob controller can then be heard telling the crowd to be quiet when Bettel speaks, thus proving the whole fiasco was organised to humiliate Johnson.

Xavier Bettel, the Luxembourg PM, then gestured to an empty podium where the British PM would have stood, and his words further denigrated the British PM, putting him down, and actively working to embarrass Boris Johnson.

The British saved Luxembourg from the Germans in World War II, however many in the country resent the fact and would rather have stayed occupied by the Nazis.

One can only hope that October 31 comes quickly and Mr. Johnson keeps to his word and takes us out of the EU once and for all.

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