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American Crazy Season Starts Early This Year

SEATTLE - USA - What with drugged up zombies eating people's faces off in Florida and crazed psychos throwing their own intestines at police officers in New Jersey, the latest cafe shootings of five people in Washington state come as no surprise.

“Every year we get a little jump into the summer crazy season, it’s just a normal part of American society. What do you expect from a society where the majority of children are medicated up on drugs like Ritalin from the age of three and the majority of the American populace are on some kind of anti-depressants. Turn on any channel on American TV and you see adverts for drugs, that’s it, just advertisements telling you if you’re too happy take this, if you’re too sad take that, if you’re not feeling anything at all, take something else. Gone are the days when a child could be a child and jump around and have fun, they’re now deemed as hyperactive with ADHD and needs a dose of chemicals in his or her brain to make them into a walking zombie. What about if you’re too shy, that can be treated by drugs too. The long term damage to the brain that these drugs inflict are never talked about of course, and the proof is in the pudding, just try coming off these doctor prescribed drugs, you will see how dependent you have become and how your brain chemistry has already been permanently damaged. A society based on drugs and guns is not a healthy society, and it is not a model for longevity as a society. The doctors will of course tell you to take another drug or keep on the one you’re on. They do not advise anyone to come off the drugs under any circumstance. People with skewed opinions and thought processes naturally freak out more, they are not stable, and this is the crux of the matter, give these people guns like in America, and you have a dangerous cocktail of treacherous fear inducing psychosis waiting to boil over at any random moment. Naturally there are huge profits to be made by the drug industries that push these drugs on the people,” resident professor of psychology , Dr. Dean Brauer, at UCLA Medical School told the LA Times before being struck off for telling the truth.

As economic tensions increase, joblessness in America is now so severe that many people have simply just given up looking for work and are instead trying to eke out an existence purely from the land. The $20 trillion US deficit does not help the issue, because this means that America’s spending power is severely reduced with the huge burden of interest payments. Each state in America is now struggling with economic stagnation as the revenue deteriorates, how are Americans meant to keep their services running, their utilities, their energy costs?

What has Obama done, apart from stoke the fires of debt. He pushed for two bailouts and a crippling health bill that has simply left the budget in total disarray. How many golf games does it take to pay a social security bill that is higher than America’s tax receipts? With the Army and Navy tied up on two fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no end in sight for the billions of dollars spent on nothing. Afghanistan can never be won, because it is a Muslim country, and the Christian West cannot win in a Muslim country unless they kill every single man, woman and child. Until they do that, they are simply flailing around in the dark. Instead, the Muslims in these countries know that they must drag out the wars for as long as possible so that eventually the money in America is depleted to nothing. Already, after suckering George W. Bush and the Neocons into an expensive insurgent war, they have watched America waste trillions of dollars on thin air. The Muslim Arabs and Pashtuns have all the time in the world, their cultures have existed for thousands of years, whereas America is still in its diapers with regards to ancient knowledge and tactics.

As America implodes with its guns and drugs, Obama will have his second term, and he will not be playing the nice game anymore. He knows he will not need to be elected again, so the next agenda will be to definitely disarm the civilian population of the United States. Without this, there can not be any future for America because an armed people will be too dangerous for the elite, especially if they are slowly waking up to how they are being manipulated by the controllers. They want a placated population and not one armed to the teeth. Look at the UK, a place where the populations were disarmed in the 1930s and any governmental indignity and repressive laws can be foisted on them without so much as a burp or word. This too will be America’s future, and it will be an imperitive carried out with great speed and efficiency by the Obama administration. They have been itching to do this for so long that to them and most Americans, it will come as a huge relief. Take my gun, I’ve had enough, they will say.

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  1. what is up with these people eating other peoples face what cause them to go up to someone and attack them and eat your face i wounder what goes through the person head that is eating or counsuming a person face ? what goes through the person head that face is being consumed why do they eat people face do they get it from moves such as zombieland and the walking dead do they want to be like zombies or do they think it is going to get them attiention?all I can say is

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