Blacks May Be Allowed Into US Gated Communities For Short Visits

FLORIDA - USA - White Americans who live in gated communities have conceded that they may allow some black people access to their secluded gated communities on a temporary basis.

“After the shooting of that black boy for walking within our gated community housing area, we have decided to allow some black people the opportunity to see how white people live in America,” Artie Meisner, a community watch leader for the Sanford gated community told Fox news.

Even though US racial segregation supposedly ended in 1967, the black and white communities in America are probably even more segregated now than even in the past but the US government has plans to allow African Americans some access to gated communities which are mainly populated by white Americans.

“Any area where there is an influx of black people usually results in a phenomenon called White Flight. This is when whites leave in droves leaving nothing. Then the black people move in and that is that. We want to try and introduce black people in Florida into the lives of white people who live in secluded gated communities with armed guards patrolling them. If one of those white folk meets a black person, they might see that he’s a real person and is not a mugger or a thief,” congressman, Al Shipton, told CBS news.

Professor Dean Markfloe, at the University of Southern Florida explained: “It’s called economic segregation. The move from overt segregation towards covert segregation utilising elements of economic technique to separate blacks from the rest of the population. Within American society most blacks are portrayed as stupid, oafish hip hop rapping, low pant slinging, freeloaders, and are actively segregated with their own shows, schools and ghettos.

“If one studies rappers like 50 Cent, you will see how blacks are exploited by white record executives and society in general and how public relation culture creators engineer new fads and youth movements that are followed blindly by millions of impressionable youngsters. 50 Cent may have fifty odd million dollars in his bank but he is still a product of the ghetto and he is still manipulated and milked by white executives and money men. His image like any other rapper or hip hop person is one of ridicule, not only because his culture was given to him by the white man so that he can be ridiculed but because he actually thinks he looks good hunching around his gold laminated cheap looking furniture holding bundles of money in his tasteless crib. These people are no more than uneducated thugs, they may have the money but money cannot buy a modicum of class or intelligence. In America, it doesn’t matter how much money you have if you’re black, you’re still a ni66er, and that is what counts. Until black people reject hip hop and rap culture, they will only be viewed as caricatures and objects of ridicule,” the professor, who is himself African American added.

Indeed, it seems that having a black man walk along an American street wearing a hoodie is invariably viewed as more threatening than a white person doing the same thing. As is the case with Trayvon Martin, he was a victim of the black stereotype which was inflicted on him by his own African American brothers and sisters. They are as much to blame as any white propagandist or popular youth culture creator who exploits black people for profit — because they have accepted and adopted the stereotypes given to them, to become reality.