Auntie Ann Widdecombe Coming to Brussels to Breathe Down Juncker’s Neck

BATH - England - Auntie Ann Widdecombe is coming to Brussels to breathe down Juncker's scrawny neck after being voted in as an MEP for the Brexit party.

The South West results are in, and auntie Widdecombe is now an elected MEP.

“I can’t wait to come to Brussels and to show that old drunkard how to conduct business in the EU, especially when it comes to dealing with Brexit,” auntie Widdecombe jubilantly revealed.

All those Conservative and Labour shisters who have lost their seats after the biggest drubbing in hundreds of years is a clue that their Brexit position is not appreciated by the voters, and is the fault of Theresa May.

Auntie Widdecombe is sure to sort this whole mess out once and for all.

“I will grab Juncker by the balls and tell him what he has to do.”

The consensus is deliver a proper clean Brexit or die.