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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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“Why Don’t You Resign? No One Wants You!”

COTSWALDS - England - Local election results released so far show a huge loss of seats for the Tory party across the country. Yet, failure Theresa May still refuses to resign.


There’s only so much treachery voters can take, and the drubbing at the local elections of Tory councillors is proof, that many across the country have truly had enough of Mrs May and her despicable intransigence.

One has to sympathise with the poor Tory councillors who have been ousted today because of Theresa May, but there is only so much the people can take, and if it means shitting on a few councillors to get a point across, so be it.

Across the nation, Conservative councils have been effectively eviscerated, and all the Tory party hierarchy can do is look on and shrug their shoulders.

Granted, it could have been a lot worse, however at the last local election count 666 lost council seats, the number is very telling. There are still many councils counting votes and some will even be announced tomorrow.

The anger is palpable, and too apparent with many voters choosing to spoil their ballots with anti-Theresa May statements, and to show their anger about the Brexit betrayal being conducted by Theresa May and her Remainer cronies.

The idiocy of Sir Graham Brady and other Conservative higher-ups is that they will plod along after this drubbing as if nothing happened. Their champion, Theresa May, is a stain that does not come off quickly but they will ignore it leading to their final demise.

If you want to look at failure, look at the top of the Tory party, these are the morons who instated May in the first place, and have kept her in the job despite failure after failure. It is their choice that the Conservatives will soon lose power and be thrown into the political wilderness for decades, as it was their choice to circumnavigate democracy and do their best to destroy Brexit.

Thanks to Theresa May the Conservative party has officially been ruined, and the worst is yet to come, the EU elections will hit even harder, leading on to a general election.

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