Sean Penn Wants U.S. to Give Hawaii Back to Polynesians

LOS ANGELES - USA - Activist actor, Sean Penn, wants to use his $150 million personal fortune to give back Hawaii to the indigenous populations.

Speaking from a political rally just outside his Beverly Hills mansion, the outspoken champagne socialist was determined to prove that his remarks against the people of the Falkland Islands also stood for territories closer to home.

“It’s been some time since I spouted so much tripe from my mouth, but here I go again, two minutes later. Listen, I am going to give away my 150 million dollar fortune to the people of Hawaii – the original Polynesian inhabitants – so that they can fight a war against the United States occupiers. America annexed those islands in 1894 and made it into its 50th state in 1959. I say we give those islands back to the Polynesians and restore their kingdom which we brutally took over. Once the people get their island back I’ll spend the rest of my money giving California back to Mexico. Some people say it already is Mexican, but I want them to give that territory back to the Mexicans for real,” Mr Penn, said at a recent Marxist rally in downtown Beverly Hills.

Penn is currently juggling his activist work with a new role playing alongside ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda entitled, ‘Filthy Rich Bored American Actors With a Cause’ which should be ready for release in 2016.