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Argies Think It's 1982 All Over Again

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina - The Argentinian government has obviously got a short memory because they seem to have forgotten the massive whacking they got from Britain the last time they tried their hand at invading the Falkland Islands.

“Argentina’s posturing over the British Falkland Isles is the equivalent of Morocco trying to claim the Canary Islands. Just because something is near something else, does not mean it is yours. One thing the Argies don’t know is that we’ve got quite a lot of nuclear subs in that region and we can flatten Argentina if we so wish. So back off you Argies, unless you want to meet your pals at the bottom of the sea in their Belgrano coffin,” an angry Falkland islander told the Penguin News.

The Argentinians have been smarting about the Falkland Islands recently after British oil exploration company Rockhopper discovered a massive oil reserve just off the coast of the Falklands causing its share price to shoot up.

Argentinian president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has been spreading her good cheer about the Falklands by introducing a South American wide shipping embargo and using threatening language against the UK.

“As soon as we saw those British oil companies, Desire and Rockhopper sniffing around the Malvinas, we suddenly jolted up and said, hey, these are our islands. Anyway, we’re up for another defeat when we try again. This time we’ll have our friends with us and they’ll get a good clunking from the Brits too. We never learn, do we,” Ms Kirchner told Argentina’s state news station, Canal Siete.

Could this be Cameron’s Maggie moment he has so been waiting for?

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