Similar to the Las Vegas shooting where 58 Country music fans were shot to death after Trump had been inaugurated as president, this latest shooting at a Country music bar holds a similar pattern.

This sad terrible episode at the Borderline Bar and Grill, is positively another provocation, and we may soon see an escalation of politically motivated killings occur in America. The timing of the shooting just after the midterm election, and the recent firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions does suggest there is political motive, especially within such a polarised country.

One minute you might be innocently line dancing, the next, you could be on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. It seems that Country music is in line with a firm death sentence if you live in America.

Provocations like this shooting usually escalate, and there is even a chance of civil war erupting soon enough, especially as there are so many people in America who are mentally ill and gun owners.


The rhetoric used by socialist Marxist Hollywood celebrities urge people to take action in any way possible, and it is to this end that some unhinged individuals will take their words literally. The same goes for democrat politicians like Maxine Waters who has urged violent opposition on any Trump supporters and those who work in the White House.


Is this open season on Trump, especially after the massive win of Senators in the recent Midterm elections? The likelihood and probability to that question is, yes.

There are already groups like Antifa who freely discuss murdering conservative supporters on Twitter. These individuals and groups are given carte blanche and freedom to plan their missions without any censorship or banning because they are left-wing.

There could also be a backlash from other groups, the mid-American military militias, who feel that they are under attack by the mainstream leftist media.

The tables have strangely twisted around, where the socialist democrats are now the aggressors and acting like Nazis, when they claim they are fighting the very same thing.

Banning guns in America will not solve anything either because they will just go underground, and many will die defending their right to own arms. If any administration ever tries to ban guns, there will most definitely be a civil war.

Naturally, the motive of this heinous act will probably be watered down, so as not to inflame tensions between the two political sides fighting each other by the authorities, however they should be honest with citizens and not cover anything up. Why not tell the truth once in awhile, it would be refreshing?