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#MeToo Silence as White House Beauty Accosted by Raging Chauvinist Pig CNN Reporter

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Jim Acosta, a CNN reporter accosted and assaulted a young female White House intern live on TV, yet the #MeToo movement has been silent.


You could hear a pin drop amongst the #MeToo movement last night when a female White House microphone handler was assaulted by a rabid CNN reporter, called Jim Acosta.

“If the female intern was a liberal, there would have been a great uproar, and the #MeToo movement would have voiced their outrage at the blatant assault, however because she was working in a Republican White House, there was only silence. Suffice to say, it is okay to assault conservative women but not socialist women,” a shocked observer of the whole sorry affair remarked.

Jim Acosta, is not only known for his unsubtle methods, but his brutish questions, and his behaviour towards women it seems.

“She was just trying to do her job, her beautiful immaculate hair, her pristine smooth porcelain skin, one assumes she is barely over the age of 21. Who is this temptress who gripped the microphone so tightly, her perfectly manicured slender fingers held on for as long as she could, but was brutally assaulted in plain sight by this horrible man who calls himself a reporter? She awkwardly stood back, yet still held her womanly poise, a startled Bambi in the woods, and then eventually she took the mic and handed it to the NBC correspondent. If Bill Clinton had viewed this debacle, he too would have been stirred by this beautiful intern struggling with all her strength to keep her hand on the microphone. For a start, she is miles better looking than Monica, has a great grip, and has the ability to kneel down with such demure prowess,” a White House observer revealed yesterday.

It is quite right that Jim Acosta, the accoster of the unimaginably hot female intern mic holder should be barred from the White House for his ungentlemanly violent conduct, but still, it is a disgusting detriment to the so-called #MeToo movement that there has been nothing but silence to what happened to this poor woman just trying to do her job in the White House.

Last night was proof positive that the #MeToo movement is a sham, and only a politically motivated tool that benefits left-wing women. It does not care a damn if a conservative woman is assaulted by a man, therefore the movement is a one-sided vehicle of socialism and soviet style political ideology.

NOTICE: If anyone finds out the name of the now-infamous White House intern, please leave a comment below.

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