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The Mean Streets of Wall Street

NEW YORK - USA - The peaceful protests held by the occupational forces of a few rag tag people have descended into open warfare as the state cracks down hard.

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“One thing about these protests is that they have been carried out by a fraction of the population. To really make a difference, everyone has to stand up. If all the people who are watching these protesters getting beat upon their heads by truncheons decided to walk out of the comfort of their homes onto the streets, the party would be over for the controllers. Their way of life is threatened by the masses rising up and standing up. They want you to look away, carry on working eighteen hour days so you can pay for their bonuses. This is the cold reality. You are there solely so that they can live a life of luxury, you have to carry on working and paying tax so that they can spend it on whores, limitless expense accounts and everything they want. You, Joe Zero, need to work and kill yourself working so that they can f*ck you over,” a New Yorker, who witnessed the beatings yesterday told NBC.

And what of the protesters who were calling for an Obama second term? Were they not thinking of the $85,000 jewellery that Michelle Obama wears on her wrist, or the fact that Obama himself ordered the police in. Sadly, most of the protesters are children, and do not understand the intricacies of the evil system.

Come, let us play, amongst the truncheons and tasers, there goes another bone cracking and maybe a split skull or two. It’s just another day in Wall Street.

You may lose your kid’s college fund in the market pits in the morning, but he won’t mind, because he’s going to jail for a long time for protesting against the mighty powers that control everything.

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  1. Hey, what the hell, you get fed pretty well in prison and there's all kinds of educational opps. It's almost worth the price you have to pay of getting bum-shagged now and again. But it's a better life than you'll get on the outside. Hell, you might even start to enjoy the bum-fun.

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