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In Praise of Senator Lindsey Graham

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Welcome to the swamp. It's getting so bad now that it takes guts from senators like Lindsey Graham to stand up above the stench.

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Here in the UK, we don’t know much about American senators but we are intrigued nonetheless by a certain chap called Lindsey Graham.

What a guy! Amongst the circus politics America finds itself embroiled in these days, senator Graham stole the show and then some during the recent Kavanaugh hearings in the Supreme Court senate fiasco.

This is the sort of old world real politics we like to see, a retired former air force colonel who became a South Carolina senator, known as a moderate Republican, however during his speech yesterday he denounced his democrat ‘friends’ for the disgraceful behaviour they have exhibited, and for making American politics look like a despicable sham.



“After watching the Kavanaugh show, all I can say is that the American political system is at the lowest level anyone has ever witnessed. How many million dollars of U.S. taxpayer money was spent bringing this disgusting putrefying piece of stupidity to these senate hearings? I am truly astounded that this was actually brought to any sort of hearing. Discussing teen yearbooks, and accusations made over thirty years in the past from obvious political plants,” a man who has lost hope in U.S. politics revealed.

Senator Lindsey Graham, or could it be Jimmy Cagney, gave a good dose of payback that was truly refreshing to watch. He actually personified the disgust many of us felt when watching the hearing. Shameful, and below any metre ever met, it brought up not only bile but anger at how corrupt the system truly is.

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